What happens ? ...... (anything could) basically.... This itinerary is subject to alterations.

                Friday evening, coach trip to the Ten Tors pub. Easter bonnet competition and a quiz.

               Saturday,  convoy to the 'House of Marbles'. for brekky and a static mini show-off. Back to  

                  Hazelwood's for an afternoon of family sporty fun as well as Silly Mini competitions too.

                   Club-house entertainment in evening.

                 SUNDAY. To be at The World of Country Life Exmouth for 9 a.m.

                   We all leave and convoy on to Powderham Castle, driving through the grounds and staying                    for about 15 minutes (around 2.30 p.m. time) an ideal photo shoot at this beautiful spot.,

                  on to Dawlish Warren (Hazelwood Park) into the clubhouse for the charity auction, raffle

                  and prize giving which all starts at 4.30         Bar will be open.

                  Sun p.m. entertainment in clubhouse.

                   MONDAY meet up outside Hazelwood reception at 10 a.m Mystery trip.....

                   and we shall convoy to somewhere fun and enjoyable. A Great day out.

                    & IF you are still here for the Tuesday, come on a fun brekky run with us.  !! 



                         It all started off with a SILLY idea that I  ( Laney )  had in 2003 !

                      "Lets just see how many minis will turn up for a silly get-together thing in a car-park"

                      .... and 38 came, and it just kinda carried on happening every year since , growing                                                   bigger and better each year.Click this link for some Silly history.....



               many items donated by mini businesses and local traders for our 

                  raffle, games and competitions. This event always has

              a theme (click 'THIS YEAR' tab). We organise convoy runs for Sunday 

            and another 1 on Bank Holiday Monday  with a special treat for ones

           who have booked a place on it. Lots of free goodies, loads of fun for kids

                        of all ages (for maximum fun please bring one), 

                           SO..... basically it is a good old fashioned mini event

                      aimed at having bucket-fulls of family fun.  Remember that ?

                                                The Marshalls were the 4-leggy race winners. They represent the COMPASS Mini Club.

                                                                              What happened during Silly Mini 2009 ?  
                                         Sunday morning Crealy Park opened its gates to allow 50 minis inside for free. 49 of them classics.
  We had the                       pleasure of  seeing  8 Torbay Mods with their vespa & lambretta scooters joining us for the day. Much fun was all too soon ended.....

                      time to leave Crealy for the run to Dawlish. When we came out an amazing sight welcomed us...... an extra 36 minis. So when we                      had  driven through Topsham and the beautiful grounds of Powderham Castle ending up at Dawlish Warren green, we counted a                               record-breaking 86 minis in attendance for Silly Mini Sunday. Loopy Rabbit was there to say hello to the minis too !!

                       4pm at Dawlish Sands Holiday park was where the auction began with the talented Terry Baker from North Devon Mini Register                                  yet again as our  brilliant  auctioneer. The items we had were all donated from various businesses and valued approximately at                       around £700.   The grand count up at the end of the auction showed that it had raised a whopping £662.

                              The tasty Hog-Roast cooked by Paul from Trixie Woods raised a very handsome £40. (50p donated from the sale of each bun)
                     Much fun during the raffle..... most winning tickets seemed to be held by Kay which to me means she must've bought loads!! Thanks Kay.
                                 Then came the icing on the birthday cake..........  on stage, singing live... we had M.J.& 1 R. Marianne, Josie & Robin sang                      "Another Silly Mini Sunday" which was a word-changed song originally done by the Monkees (Another Pleasant Valley Sunday).                                After a huge demand for an encore....... they performed a second time.
                   They were presented with a rather large Teddy which we hope will be a lucky mascot for them. Thanks so much girls, you were awesome.

                              Thanks to Marie Belson who 'managed' them and helped to make this happen, main thanks to The Phoenix Centre Exeter.
                            We are planning another song for 2010..............  The girls said they would as they so enjoyed doing this one.

                        Monday morning for those of us that were still there went off to Paignton Pier for a grand breakfast followed by a game of "Silly Footy"                    A not so mini football was used, (NO hands could be used, and no feet.!!) Great fun.Straight-A-Series Mini club won because they lost                              overall 4-1.  Told you,  it is 'SILLY' !!!
                         The biggest thank-you's to EVERYONE involved in making this silly mini event such a fun-filled sucess.

                                                    This year we broke 2 records..... 86 minis there...... and......

    total raised for

               Children's Hospice South West

                                     Thank you’s go out to….. (not in any particular order..)

                            An example of what type of things we have  been donated.

                            Mini Spares MIDLANDS ..... Our sponsors now for our event t-shirts.
                               OES (Bill) Whipton - Exeter..
                               Mattell Toys - Nasmyth -  Daventry
.....Lots of Barbie stuff and toys.
                               Kaye & Nigel
.....Switch panel and £10 trim voucher.
                               Phoenix Supplies
.....£10 gift, Also for donating the coveted “ PHOENIX SHIELD “. Won by Lesley Harwood. 
                                        (and for BEING there.....)                          

                              Peter -                Dawlish beach manager
                             Simon -  Beach Trading Shop
.....Silly footballs. 
                             Gerards - Dawlish Warren
.....Devon teddies and wristbands.
                             Fox’s Paynes Sweets
.....Mini and lambretta poppets. 
                             Ian - Auto Glym South West
.....Valet products.
                             Simon - Mini Sport
.....Adverse camber kit, calendar & carry-bags.
                             Ingrid Oram - Powderham Castle
.....Tickets and driving minis through grounds.
                            Joanna, Mandy and Sarah - Crealy
.....Entry for 50 minis and their help and support.
                            Tracy Higgs & Steve Reading - Teignbridge Council.
                            Graham Thorn
.....For paying our public liability insurance.
                       Elaine, Carol, Ray and all staff at Dawlish Sands Holiday Park, especially the entertainments crew who                       all worked very hard
                         Somerford Mini
.....£25 voucher. 

.....Mini 50 fleece/jacket.
                        Idle Gear
.....Discounted event t-shirts stickers, and 2 tops for auction.
                        Darren @ Westerley Exeter
.....Mini memorabilia tea set. Cool-bags with Silly Mini Sunday logo. 
.....Fresh fruit juice drinks.  

                       Exeter FM
.....Advertising, / P.R.
                       Presents - Dawlish
.....Glass dolphin ornament and ‘Felicity’ ornament from Gift shop.
                       Stewart Norman (Jon Sellers)
.....Making of the coasters.
                      Phoenix Sound-Galleries
.....Producing/Recording the Siily Mini Sunday song.
                      M .J. & the 1 R
.....For performing the song.
                     Home Direct
.....3 x ‘always light’ torches.
                     Cowley Bridge Inn
.....Dinner for 2 people in the Thai restaurant.
                     Hex Hold
.....2 x sets of finger spanners.
                    MOSS Europe
.....Goody bags, mags, and 3x £10 vouchers.
                     Terry Baker
.....Our fantastic auctioneer. £700 (Approx value of items) It made £662. 
                    'Ettie' the mini
.....For showing us the old fashioned side of mini-ing 49 years ago.
.....Who showed the different NEW side of mini-ing today.
                     Paul Tupman
.....For attending the run from Crealy and bringing along an extra 35 minis. (& keeping our minis alive !)
                    Paul - Trixie Woods
.....For doing a crackling Hog-Roast and donating £40 to CHSW.
                    Andrea Morgan
.....for the yummy 'Silly Mini Sunday' chocolate bars.
                    ALL the helpful marshals and raffle ticket sellers etc.

                    & to Everyone who donated  .........and all the helpers.

                                             Andy, Kirsty, Mon,Katy, Joe, David, Alison, Vicky, Peter & Sue.  



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