Leave the mini's keys behind and take the opportunity to have a drink to unwind from your journey to Silly Mini.The fun all starts on FRIDAY 14th April, meeting outside Hazelwood Park reception at 6.30 p.m. boarding the coach with Richard taking us all to the Easter Bonnet competition, Quiz    and games venue "The Ten Tors". There will be 50 seats available, we need to fill the coach to make it viable please. ( No 'ferry' needed, this is door to door!) lol

    £10 for adult, (max)  £5 for children. Includes free raffle and quiz.

 Returning for more drinks & entertainment in the clubhouse at Hazelwood.

           Peter and Emma are keen to give us a very warm welcome there.

OVERALL TOTAL AMOUNT SENT TO The Children's Hospice South West

        from SILLY MINIS IS............... £22,500

          & for   2017 ...............          Silly Hats 'n' Wigs will be our theme

                  2016 .............. £3,306.  We did it "Old Skool"

                   2015 ............... £3,500   Flower Power theme.

                   2014...... again, an amazing total of £2,600 "Under the Sea"

                   2013 saw a cheque for £2,600 given to CHSW. "Country & Western"

                                  20012 was another awesome event. Themed Crazy Comics,                                                                       which raised just over £2,000

                                  2011 was Doctor Who ??  www.charitydaleks.co.uk  RAISED  £2,340

                                                         THANKS ADY for giving us all a fantastic show of your Tardis full of fun characters especially the daleks !!

                                                            2010   was MUPPET themed ....   this was anything  from Jim Henson.   £1,947 raised

                                                            2009   Mad Hatters Tea Party, including an Easter Mini Bonnet competition. £2,260 raised

                                                            2008  EGGSTREME themed... Eggstra special plaques were made for the minis.  £1,100 raised

                                                            2007   was a  Disneyland  theme going on. £865  raised for CHSW

                                                            2006   we had a theme, and 23 minis went into Crealy and dressed as Mr Men characters.

                                                                            2005   was just a silly idea for fun and a run to Exmouth. 


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